Tunes That Touch Your Soul

Welcome to the product page of Anna Levina’s melodies, where music comes to life through notes, harmonies, and rhythms. Her melodies are like a lyrical dance, beautifully crafted to engage your senses and touch your soul.

Spiral of Life is one of Anna’s most captivating melodies, available for just $0.99. The melody mirrors the ceaseless cycle of existence, akin to Asian melodies known for their rhythmic ebbs and flows that symbolize life’s ups and downs.

Next in line is Swan Ripples, a melody that paints a vivid picture of elegance and serenity, as beautiful as the tranquil ripples created by a swan gliding across a serene lake. It’s a feast for your ears, much like the best lyrical rap songs that create vivid imagery with their words.

Step into a universe of wonder and awe with Starry Sky, a melody inspired by the beauty of a night adorned with twinkling stars. Priced at just $0.99, this composition is like having a starry sky background for your thoughts and a soothing and calming melody to accompany your quiet moments.

Season Change – Arrangement by Jon Burr presents a refreshing take on Anna’s original melody. Just as lyrical dance songs capture the spirit and emotions of different moods, this melody mirrors the transient nature of seasons.

Expectation is a melody filled with suspense and anticipation. Anna’s lyrical writing style is reflected in this melody. It engages the listeners in an emotional journey of awaiting a cherished moment. For just $0.99, you can add this melody to your personal collection.

Embark on an uplifting journey with Ascension, a melody that reverberates with an ethereal quality. Priced at just $0.99, it symbolizes the uplifting and transformative journey, resonating with the sense of Ascension.

Moving on, A Walk to Nowhere is a melodic representation of an enigmatic journey with no particular destination. Much like a story without a clear ending, the melody still manages to take you on an evocative journey.

MY BABY BOY is a melody that brims with love and tenderness. This melody, akin to a mother’s loving lullaby, expresses deep affection and an unbreakable bond.

Then we have Noble Nocturne, a night-themed melody of nobility and grace, perfect for those quiet moments of introspection.

Sad Wave Piano and Flute and Sad Wave Piano are a testament to Anna’s ability to evoke deep emotions through her compositions. These melodies carry a poignant, melancholic undertone that resonates with listeners.

Winter Nocturne is a melody that encapsulates the silent beauty and tranquility of winter nights. Much like the peaceful waltz dance, it flows smoothly and gracefully, transporting you to a world of serenity.

The Waltz melody presents the rhythmic charm and elegance of the classic dance form. It makes for a lovely companion whether you’re in the mood for a dance or a quiet evening.

Toccata is a rhythmically engaging melody representing the same name’s musical form. Much like the intricacies of a toccata, this melody ebbs and flows with vibrant energy.

Prelude-miniature offers a delightful introduction to Anna’s musical universe, whereas Pastoral transports you to the countryside with its serene and tranquil tune.

With such an eclectic collection of melodies, each priced at just $0.99, you will surely find a composition that resonates with you. Step into Anna Levina’s musical universe today and discover the magic of her melodies.

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