Album Music for the heart

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Album Music for the heart


“Composed by Anna Levina, played and arranged by Alisher Latif-Zade”

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Album Music for the heart
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Autumn Nocturne

Autumn is my favorite season. Every year, when the leaves start to change their colors and air is full of falls’ spirit, my mood becomes full of new creations. I start trying to bring all my emotions, that are being brought out by the fall, out to the world. I sit down at the piano and compose the music that reflects my emotions….

Romance of Fallen Leaves 🍁

Once upon a time two leaves that were on the same branch of the tree fell in love. It happened in the spring. They loved each other very much but could not be able to hug and kiss. They have been thinking how to do anything possible to get together. Finally, they decided; when fall comes and they will start falling off the tree, they will fall together. While falling, the wind will help them not to fall too fast, and will bring them together. They will be able to enjoy each other, even in a short moment of life before they die.

Adult Lullaby

Autumn Prelude

Escaping Sadness

Etude -Fantasy

Evening dreams

Lyrical Piece (Prelude)


Organ in the night





Winter Nocturne


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