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Album Secret Garden


“Take me To the secret garden where it’s never raining and the flowers bloom

Let me smell all of the daisies lay down in the sunshine always next to you”

(Words from the song “Secret Garden”)

“Composed by Anna Levina, played and arranged by Alisher Latif-Zade”

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Album Secret Garden (songs)

Bumpy Ride : 

It’s the magician that turns the junk into gold, It’s the hero that finds the warmth in the cold.

It’s so rare to find the good in the dumpster of old, and even rarer that through it all there’s someone to hold.   (Lyrics written for the song “Bumpy Road” by Diana Valencia.)

Can Never Accept Goodbye :

  • We can barely grasp sudden gains and for those we need not prepare.
  • But loss does not run through our veins. It snares us off guard, unaware.
  • (Lyrics written for the song “Can Never Accept Goodbye” by Yevgeny Levin.)

Crying Rain :

  • I look outside the window and see the rain. That old dreary feeling that the sky’s in pain.
  • I see it cry. I know just how it feels. It’s bruises it conceals. I know I feel the same… old lie.
  • (Lyrics written for the song “Crying Rain” by Diana Valencia.)

Dearest Mom :

  • My dearest mom, all that you have done,
  • I hope you’re still proud of me.
  • Thank you for raising me to be to be free.

(Lyrics written for the song “Dearest Mom” by Diana Valencia.)

 I Want World Peace:

But most of all I want world peace, From North Korea to the coast of Nice. I’ll help all with just my songs. And I will right all others wrongs.

(Lyrics written for the song “I Want World Peace” by Diana Valencia.)

Life is Beautiful in Winter :

  • Through my window I see snow, Icicles hang from gutters.
  • In slow motion people go past my semi-closed shutters

(Lyrics written for the song “Life is Beautiful in Winter” by Yevgeny Levin.)

My Baby Boy song :

  • My baby boy, forever love, my all-time joy
  • I loved you before I met you…

(Lyrics written for the song “My Baby Boy” by Diana Valencia.)

My Doll Friend:

Doll : Always sitting quiet waiting here all day. Waiting for my best friend to come home and play.

Waiting for the moment 3 o’clock to near. Then the time will come for her to be here…

(Lyrics written for the song “My Doll Friend” by Diana Valencia.)

Secret Garden :

“Take me to the secret garden where it’s never raining and the flowers bloom.

Let me smell all the daisies, lay down in the sunshine always next to you.”

(Lyrics written for the song “Secret Garden” by Diana Valencia.)

Us2 :

  • I sit and think about you and how much you mean to me.
  • Think of what would have been If you weren’t next to me.

(Lyrics written for the song “Us2” by Diana Valencia.)


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