Album Will She Think of Me?

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Album Will She Think of Me?


“Have a little girl my entire world Since I laid eyes on her

Look into that face Feel the heartbeat race with her there’s no pretending

Touch those little hands Think of all her plans Think of when she’s older

Will she think of me When she’s 23 When she don’t need daddy”

(Words from the song “Will she think of me?”)

“Composed by Anna Levina, played and arranged by Alisher Latif-Zade”

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Album Will She Think of Me?
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Album Will She Think of Me (songs)

Blues Come and Go :

  • I want to wake up with you and put my arms around you.
  • What am I gonna to do with all these thoughts of you.
  • No matter what I do I can’t see myself without you.

(Lyrics written for the song “Blues Come and Go” by Diana Valencia.)

Dance with Me (Tango) :

  • (Her)In the club see him standing there. See him watching me as I’m watching him.
  • Go to him. If I ask his name. Will he answer me? Will I even care?

(Lyrics written for the song “Dance with Me” by Diana Valencia.)

Fastidious Stallions :

  • There’s no lateness to God’s house. We are here right on time.
  • Why then do the Angels shout and their shouts hoarsely climb?
  • Or could it be harness bells ringing wild as I cry?
  • Or is it I begging my stallions to comply?

(Lyrics by Yevgeny Levin, (translated from Vladimir Vygotsky’s Lyrics))

Have You Ever Wondered :

  • I love it when you hold my hand a little longer. You make me feel like I can fly and make me stronger.
  • Did you ever know that it is you I always dream about. I dream that our future will never be in doubt.

(Lyrics written for the song “Have You Ever Wondered” by Diana Valencia.)

 I Thought I Knew :

  • Stars align and I wish I could change but I can’t
  • Sleepless nights Toss and turn. Wonder where time went.

(Lyrics written for the song “I Thought I Knew” by Diana Valencia.)

Maybe :

  • I feel your distance. Lately I can sense your resistance.
  • It’s like we’re in a coexistence and unlike all the other times
  • Now I can read between the lines.

(Lyrics written for the song “Maybe” by Diana Valencia.)

Sing to Me :

  • Sing to me hear my plea let’s hear the music invade my soul,
  • take me out of this empty hole and lose control, let’s be free.

(Lyrics written for the song “Sing to Me” by Diana Valencia.

Story of Love :

  • I went to the moon to find you.  Into the starry sky I flew.
  • Searched the mountains up above to find the perfect you, my love.

(Lyrics written for the song “Story of Love” by Diana Valencia.)

Where do I really stand :

  • Where do I really stand, what is my purpose here?
  • Am I just mass on land, should I just disappear?
  • Am I the pretty one, am I the funny one?  Loved by some or by none?

Where do I really stand?

(Lyrics written for the song “Where do I really stand.” by Diana Valencia.)

Will She Think of Me :

  • Have a little girl my entire world since I laid eyes on her.
  • Look into that face feel the heartbeat race with her there’s no pretending.
  • Touch those little hands think of all her plans think of when she’s older.
  • Will she think of me when she’s 23 when she don’t need daddy

(Lyrics written for the song “Will she think of Me?” by Diana Valencia.)


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