Album Colorful Rain

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Album Colorful Rain


“Composed by Anna Levina, played and arranged by Alisher Latif-Zade”

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Aspiration Upward

Colorful Rain

Colored rain happens when dust clouds and storm systems come together. Once drops of rain go down through a dust cloud below the level of the clouds we can observe colored rain. But this is in nature. In colorful rain paintings, once you see it, the sounds of rain and different colors come into your imagination, and a beautiful melody starts to be felt…..

Feeling of infinity

He felt infinity now when he realized that his life was perfect. He was afraid to lose these feelings and be disappointed afterwards….

In the Rain

Moon 🌙 glade

They were sitting on the beach by the sea, looking at each other. It was in the middle of the night, but they were able to see one another’s faces in the beautiful moon light….They felt they are in a fairy tale and nature was helping them to develop these feelings

Route to destination

😭 Tears In the Wind.

She was going down the street and crying. She felt that she was losing everything. She could not imagine being one day without him. She was heavily breathing. The air was so cold that she felt the tears were going to turn into little pieces of ice, but the tears that were dropping down her face did not freeze. Suddenly the phone rang and she saw his name on the screen……

Travel in time

Ukraine is in my heart

Sad Wave Piano and Flute

Sad Wave Piano


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