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Welcome to our collection of musical scores, where you can immerse yourself in the profound world of Anna Levina’s musical creations arranged and played by Alisher Latif-Zade or Jon Burr. Through these scores, you can uncover the intricate details of Anna’s symphonic compositions and gain a deep appreciation for the beauty of her music.

Our first score, Expectation, is a full score of a symphony orchestra that takes you on a melodic journey filled with suspense and anticipation. Priced at just $8.99, the score provides insight into Anna’s composition and expertly crafted orchestrations of Alisher Latif-Zade, a world usually experienced by musicians of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Next, we present Spiral of Life, a musical exploration that mirrors the never-ending cycle of existence. Available for $8.99, this score captures the essence of the spiral of life – the ebbs and flows, the highs and lows, and the intricate interconnectedness of it all. Drawing on her experience as a music composer, Anna has managed to capture the complexities of life within this fascinating musical piece.

Season Change is a beautiful composition that encapsulates the essence of transition. As the name suggests, it evokes different seasons’ changing moods and colors. For $8.99, you can own this score and embark on a melodious journey through a season of change. It’s almost like watching the evolution of change days season 1 in a musical form.

Among Anna’s compositions, Ascension stands out as a particularly powerful piece. Available for $8.99, the score of Ascension transports listeners to a higher realm of existence, resonating with the ascension definition of rising to an important or higher position.

Playing this score can make every day feel like Ascension Day as you immerse yourself in the uplifting tones of the music.

Taking a different turn, A Walk to Nowhere offers an enigmatic and captivating musical experience. For $8.99, this score provides a unique blend of melodies, delivering a sense of a directionless journey that still takes you to places you never expected.

Finally, the unique blend of new wave music with a poignant piano and flute duet is the Sad Wave Piano composed by Anna Levina plus Flute showcases (flute part was composed by Alisher Latif- Zade). Available at $8.99, this score combines music trends with classical instruments, producing a composition that speaks directly to the heart.

Each score provides a roadmap for experiencing the full depth of Anna’s symphony orchestra pieces. They allow you to see the music’s structure, the instruments’ arrangement, and the melodies’ flow. The scores are not just about reading the music; they are about understanding the music’s soul, the composer’s thoughts, and the feelings she wants to convey.

Explore our collection and the beautiful symphony of Anna Levina’s compositions today. Whether you’re an aspiring conductor, a seasoned musician, or a passionate music lover, these scores provide a unique opportunity to connect with music on a profound level.

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